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Visa Requirements

Understanding the specific visa requirements necessary for each country can be a daunting task. Though the exact documents and information that each embassy looks for may differ slightly, the necessary information that they look for is generally the same. At The Visa Experts, we provide travelers with assistance to help explain and prepare their visa application paperwork before they begin their visa application process. Nothing can be more frustrating than being rejected for your visa application due to a missing document or misunderstood requirement.


Passports are one of the main requirements for any visa application. You'll need to provide your passport as part of the visa application process. There are several things to be aware of regarding your passport. You can find out more details on that in the Passports Requirements section.


Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, there are several specifications that they require. If the photo provided does not meet these requirements, your entire visa application may get rejected. Have a look at the Visa Photo Requirements section to ensure you follow the basic requirements for passport and visa photos.

Flight Reservations

This is an often misunderstood requirement for many visa applications as different countries and embassies may refer to it with different names. Generally, they are looking for a travel itinerary that can show the visa officer the proposed travel details such as flight or vessel arrival and departure information. Find out more about this in our Flight Reservation Requirements section.

Accommodation Reservations

Similar to Flight Reservations, embassies require to know where you'll be staying while in their country. The can be a reservation at a hotel or other type of accommodation. Find out more about the specific requirements around this in our Accommodation Reservations section.

Travel Insurance

Though not a requirement for all countries yet, travel insurance is fast becoming the norm. The specific type of insurance and thresholds that need to be covered will vary from country to country. General details can be found in our Travel Insurance section.

Proof of Financial Means

Many countries now require to know that you have sufficient funds to cover their costs of living while in their country. The documents and details that embassies are looking for can be found in our Proof of Financial Means for a visa application section.

In addition to the above main criteria, embassies can sometimes ask for additional information if they feel it's warranted. Those items maybe some of the following:

  • copies of additional Identification cards
  • copies of any previous passports (if you have any)
  • detailed travel history for the last five to ten years
  • letters of invitation or work assurance (depending on the visa type)
  • details of employment or studies where you have stated in your application that you are employed at
  • credit card statements
  • business cards
  • photocopies of bank cards
  • educational certificates